What Is Hourglass Sessions?

Hourglass Sessions is a Richmond-based live music community platform that aims to highlight exceptional artists & musicians locally and nationwide. We do this with two video series: Hourglass Sessions and Hourglass Live. The sessions consist of high quality, live recordings of original music, all filmed within a single, cinematic shot. Hourglass Live is a multi-cam livestream music showcase that gives artists the opportunity to connect with their audiences in real-time.

Our Mission

Using music to make the world feel just a little smaller.

We give artists the tools, the network, and the support they need to connect their fans to their art.


Hourglass Live

In a world where the fans don’t have to go to the artist, we’re bringing the artists to their fans.

Hourglass Sessions

Hourglass Sessions go beyond traditional live-recorded music videos. From animations, dancers, additional music arrangements, and whatever else the artist can dream up, we live to see their vision manifested. 

We’ll be the seatbelt, but it’s the artist that’s in the driver’s seat.