What Is Hourglass Sessions?

Hourglass Sessions is more than a live music video platform – it’s a collaborative stage where creativity blooms. We curate one-of-a-kind, cinematic live performance videos where artists are not just performers, but directors of their own stories.

Beyond the paradigm of platforms like Tiny Desk and AudioTree, we offer artists a rare chance to don the hat of the creative director, guiding the vision, shaping the narrative, and defining the aesthetic. This approach births a captivating tapestry of sessions, no two alike. Each performance unfolds in a distinctive location, creating a symphony of music and visual storytelling that truly represents the artist’s inner self.

Hourglass Sessions – where the artist’s dreams shape the narrative, enriching music and the creative community that it fosters. 

Our Mission

To empower artists by giving them the resources & expertise to bring their artistic vision to life, exposing them to new opportunities & enhancing their music careers.